Let’s See if This Works…

I have decided to try to blog again.  Throughout the years, I have started blogs and sooner or later, I seem to stop blogging for some reason.  Not enough time, lack of interest, other shiny objects that divert my attention (and good intentions) away from my blog…. so let’s see if this works this time.

Just to shortly introduce myself, I am an American living among the vikings in the kingdom of Denmark.  In case you don’t know where that is….

Just in case you didn't know...
Just in case you didn’t know…

My days are usually spent on my family which includes 3 children, all obvious recipients of their father’s statuesque viking genes.  That means I am already preparing to be the little, dark one in the family of towering blond giants.  Go figure…

Yeah, so that's me at work
Yeah, so that’s me at work

I work… a lot.  And when I am not with my family and I am not at work, I like to run.  Running has quickly become my stress reliever and I enjoy it, which is something I would have never had said years ago.  In fact, I distinctly remember trying to get out of running in gym class in high school.  We would have a timed mile test every Monday and as if by some strange coincidence, Mondays were always the days I was sick… or injured… or forgot my gym clothes.

Looking back at that, I find it funny that I now run very long distances for fun.  I ran with injuries, while pregnant, while sick… all because it feels like freedom.  I just signed up the other day for my first full marathon – the HC Andersen Marathon in Odense, Denmark this October.  I have done some halves and they have been fun and all, but I haven’t had an urge to go longer until now.  I watched the end of the Copenhagen Marathon last year on TV while I was sitting with my new baby and thinking… wow, it would be fun to be in good enough shape to run for that distance and I think the thought has been in my head ever since then.  Since I can’t shake it, I might as well embrace it.


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