Weekend Summary

This weekend was particularly lazy.  Saturday which should have been long run day was filled with freezing temperatures and rain and that was not something I wanted to venture out in with nasty head cold.

So we went to my son’s gymnastics performance:

Blue shirt - busting a move!
Plain blue shirt – busting a move!

Lounged on the sofa – when you got to sleep, you got to sleep:

Sofa sleeper

and ordered new running clothes from one of my favourite online shops Løbeshop.dk.  Because it is of course a known fact that new running clothes make you run faster (and løbeshop is taking another 50% off of all clearance items!).

From: Løbeshop.dk
From: Løbeshop.dk

I finally did get a run in on Saturday.  It was not nearly as long as I had planned since Sunday suddenly became hectic with other plans and childcare, but I did manage to get an run in:

Screen Shot

Not nearly as long as I had hoped at an little slower than I would have liked, but the route I picked was fairly hilly, so I think I worked harder than I thought I did.  And I did also stop to take pictures, because I live in a beautiful part of Denmark and love running out along the country side:



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