Weekend and Vacation

So, today marks my first vacation since I started my new job back in October.  I knew I was due, especially when I forgot my login credentials at work yesterday morning and had to ask someone from another department to look up my info for me and then later accidentally introduced myself as working for previous employer…. not good.

First item of business for the Easter Week, come home from work.  It has been a long week including late evenings every day, so I was not pleased when I saw this advert on my way home:


It says “if you come to Denmark, you have to work” and then “Tighter asylum rules and more demands on immigrants” and features the Prime Minister of Denmark.  Obviously a voting year… but as one of the highly educated, hard working immigrants in this country who has clearly done her part to combat the falling population problem AND pays a lot in taxes, I was miffed.  So was my equally qualified and hard working Danish husband.

Nå… (as the Danes would say) time to enjoy vacation.  This started with a couple of hours with my kids (who I hadn’t seen all week.  We immigrants have to work, you know).  My daughter took this as an open invite to do my hair.


Sorry for the poor lighting and quality.  I think my head was a bit sore and woozy after the hair style I was given.

Saturday was a lazy day for the most part.  A quick trip to Roskilde to buy coffee and then to the post office to pick up a package which contained my favourite thing – new running clothes.  You always run faster in new running clothes.  This of course means we had to take them out for a test drive.  Since tomorrow is a long run, we went out for only a very short run today – just to stretch our legs and get out of the house for a little while.


Baby jogger and all… Stretch leading the way since he didn’t know I dropped back to take a picture of him.

This included a run down along Roskilde Fjord, which is always beautiful, even in the wind, rain and cold:


And we ended the day in the best possible way – a Jensen family tradition – a brochette cook off!


Even though we like to think it is a competitive cook off to see who comes up with the best recipe, we all know we are all winners as long as we get to eat a lot (chased by a bottle of wine).

As per the official cook off rules, all of today’s contestants were all served on the same ciabatta, which was pan roasted in olive oil and rubbed with a clove of raw garlic:

The Traditional: cherry tomatoes, shallot onions, garlic, fresh basil, salt and pepper

The Sweet Pig: fig jam, dry cured  pork and goat cheese

Peas in a Pod: ricotta, parmesan, watercress, fresh basil, garlic, salt and pepper.  Topped with a pea mash with chicken.


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