Plans for 2015

That’s right.  First marathon officially booked.  It’s been a long time coming since I have previously started training up for a marathon and for various reasons had to quit.  But now it’s on and I can’t wait.  On some level, October can’t come fast enough, but then again, I still have to get so many kilometres in my legs that it’s good race day is so far away.

I previously mentioned BT Halfmarathon, but here are the other races I am signed up for:

Lillebælt Half Marathon: This one I am super excited about.  The route starts in Middlefart (yes, Middelfart) and you get to run across a bridge to another city called Erritsø and then back again.  Very beautiful, amazing crowds and the only chance to run around on a historic bridge.

I ran it a couple of years ago with my husband and was excited back then.   Come race day, I really didn’t have the energy to even start the race and remember half way through trying to convince him to finish without me and then come back with the car to pick me up.  Turns out I was pregnant (barely) and that was why I felt off.  I swore I Stetch and I would do this race again when we could train up for it and enjoy it, so this is the year.

Storbælt Naturmarathon: I have never ran this race before, but it was always a goal of mine.  I was even signed up to run it back in 2013 and had to bail due to being pregnant and high temperatures.  It was a huge let down.  Stretch and I will be doing the half.

This one has a route that follows the west cost of the island of Sjælland, the island I live on.  It’s got the ocean, it’s got beaches and what I found the biggest draw, it’s got fresh strawberries in the depots – fresh from the farmer’s fields, along with homemade musili bars.  It’s amazing how easy it is to please me.

And we will see what comes up along the way.  I am thinking at least one more half in the fall.  Time will tell.


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