Monday Short

Second day of Easter, filled with a much needed long run with my smallest.

image4 copy

14.2 KM, baby jogger all the way!

IMG_1696 copy

And following the golden rule of baby jogger running, when he started saying “all done” we turned around and came home. We took a short break at kilometre 7 and dropped by the bakery to pick up a roll and apple juice for him.  We found a little bench down by Jyllinge Harbor and he enjoyed his snack and shouted at some geese.  Totally normal – and yes, apparently we are those loud people in the park.

We also swung by the paddock right next to our house to see the new baby lamb.  It was sunny and warm and the lamb was way to comfortable to get up for a good picture.

image3 copy

Now he is down for a nap, I am hydrating and enjoying a little sunshine and my garden.  A good end to the Easter vacation I think.

image1 copy 2


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