Who Am I?

Good question.

Back in 2001, I took the step to move from the greater Seattle area to the relatively small town of Roskilde Denmark.  I didn’t speak a word of Danish and was only a student but had found a viking worth moving around the world for.  After years hard work, we now with our  3 children and small dog in a yellow brick house on Roskilde Fjord. A lot of what I like to write about is about running and my life here in Denmark as an expat mom among the vikings.


Running is not something I always liked.  In fact, I was peer pressured into my first race in May 2012.  There, I said it.  Peer pressured into a 5K.  I had just changed jobs and my new co-workers were doing a 5K together.  I hadn’t ever ran unless chased and never enjoyed it.  Count on top of that that I was about 10kg overweight, stressed and had not been doing other exercise in months.  This 5K seems insurmountable.  I decided that this was something I should try to do, but at think at about kilometre 3, I started considering cutting the course and at around kilometre 4 I started debating if  I was going to pass out.  I did finish in 35 minutes, about 8 minutes slower than my slowest co-worker who was also a bit older than me. I think that this was when I decided that I had to do something about my fitness and and weight.  I stopped eating a lot of junk food and sugar and started running around my neighbourhood.  At this point, I still didn’t like running, but running was something I could fit in my schedule when I had a little window of time.  Slowly the woman who couldn’t run a 5K in in May worked her way up to a half marathon in September… and enjoyed it.

First ever Half Marathon in CPH
First ever Half Marathon in CPH

… and then a second….

What's up with that form?!
What’s up with that form?!

…and suddenly I like running.  And it was always easy to fit some running shoes and clothes in my bag when I travel for work.

Running through Paris
Running through Paris
Sun burn and dirt
Sun burn and dirt

Somewhere along the way, running became this thing I like to do.  During pregnancy, travels, busy schedules, etc. it has been there. So that’s what this blogs about.  My adventures – mostly running – but also random other stuff that comes up along the way.


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