Next Race: BT Halvmarathon

The next race on my agenda is quickly approaching and given that it is the first race I have decided to run post baby, I am a bit nervous.  On April 26th, I will be running BT Halvmarathon, starting in Lyngby and ending in Nærum, Denmark. I have ran it once before and back in 2013, this was my second marathon and one of the last I completed before I got pregnant.

BT anno 2013
BT 2013

The route itself is really very beautiful, with the first half forming the shape of a bow around the city of Lyngby and then going straight North toward Nærum through a forested area.  Around kilometre 13 is a long, fairly steep hill which can come out of no where and kick you up the back of the head if you aren’t aware that it was there.  I saw plenty of people that had to walk the hill who had been keeping a good tempo up to that point.  Perhaps that’s the drawback to living in Denmark – there are very few hills here to train on before real races.

BT Halvmarathon route
BT Halvmarathon route

The race itself is exceptionally well organised and ends at a stadium which includes a pool and a fully equipped locker room for changing, showers, etc.  Overall, I was very happy that I ran this race last time.

Start area - from
Finish area – from

what is different this year is that i get to run it with my sister-in-law, who is running her first half marathon ever.  We have talked about it in the past, but she was first ready now.  I am a bit afraid though that she is in much better shape than me though, so she might be slowing down for me rather than me showing her the ropes! Training is going much better than I thought it would, although the whole family has been sidelined recently with colds and stomach flus.  I am crossing my fingers that I can go out for a long run tomorrow and get some more kilometres in my legs.