Daylight Savings Time and Long Run Sunday

Today has been an off kind of day.  We officially went over to summer time last night, so when I woke up, I was shocked to see on my iPhone that I had slept in to 9.30 – a rarity when you have three kids.  Then I came out into the living room, said hi to the kids and realised that something was wrong because it was only 8:30 according to every other clock in the house.  It took a good sleepy minute and a cup of coffee for me to realise that the change had happened and of course my phone updates its own clock automatically… as it always does.  Since then, everything has just seemed a little hazy.  The baby’s sleep and eating schedule is off, it is light later… odd.

Today is Sunday, so it is long run day.  I have to say again that I love running in the country side.  You know you live in the country when you can find the answer to the riddle “why did the chicken cross the road” while you are out for a run:

Lille chickens

Chickens… and chopped up branches, fishing nets, barrels and folding chairs… I have no idea what is going on here.  See, weird day.

So the run continued and I had put on way to much clothes.  It was really windy but 10C so I could have just gone in a long sleeved shirt and 3/4 pants but it was so blustery that it was hard to know how much to put on.  I didn’t dare get stuck out away from the house with that wind kicking up off the fjord, so I opted for a long sleeved shirt, T-shirt and windbreaker, but knew I would have to strip some of it off at some point.  About half way through the run, I ran into a sheltered area and had to stop and take off my brand new shirt from Lø that I had bought in their sale and cram it into a pocket.

Red and new!

It turns out that it was good I did because shortly after that, it started pouring down rain and my lovely windbreaker couldn’t hold out the rain.  I had to stop…. again… and change my wet shirt for the dry one.  I was still 5km from home, but now I was cold, wet and ready for today to be over.

Despite the strangeness of the day and the weather, I managed to eek out my fastest half marathon time yet.


I spent the rest of the day with the kids while Stretch made dinner.  My youngest is obviously a most impressive yogi when he sleeps and I think I spent a good half hour just admiring how sound and peacefully he can be.

Baby Yogi

But now I am kind of glad this strange day is over.  I never like resetting the clocks and the days that come just thereafter and today has just been too weird.  Time for a glass of wine and to wait for the real Easter vacation to start tomorrow.