Honk Honk!

Sometimes, you come across an article that explains a problem so removed from your own experiences, that it shocks you a bit.  That just happened to me.  Just now.  I saw this article on Zelle/RunnersWorld.com and was amazed.  Jen A. Miller, a freelance journalist and runner has long been under attach for wearing what internet trolls are now calling whorepants.  In fact, it even has its own hashtag: #whorepants.  She gets yelled at on the street, touched, harassed online, so naturally, I was curious about what could outrage perfect strangers to where they feel the need to act in this completely unacceptable manner.

So let’s break it down.  What’s “whorepants”.  Leggings.  That’s it.  Jen had bought some in purple and apparently running around in completely appropriate running gear was like waving a red flag in front of a bull.  Is it the colour that got to them?  The sweet stretchy sweat wicking material? I don’t know.  Would a print make them extra whorish:

Well, then bright colours and print must make for champion super-duper whorepants:

No.  These pants are cool.  A fashion choice.  A tool for running.  Appropriate running clothing.  I want these pants.  They are noit an advert for sexual harassment!

I had a guy honk at me the other day.  It happens a couple of times a year and always on the same street.  That’s about the most aggressive I have ever experience anyone act toward me in Denmark while I have been out for a run.  Honk Honk – and he’s off.  The idea that woman have to deal with that kind of behaviour and then be blamed for it is beyond me and sounds like something that would have happened decades ago.  Amazing.